The Do-WAP Agency is a full-service Digital Media, Marketing, and Consulting firm, founded by W. Anthony Patton, MBA, in New Orleans, LA, December 1999, and now launched in Houston, TX.  All of our work is touched with urgency, advocacy, sustainability and optimism.  In 13 years, we’d become one of the most sought after public outreach and Multi-Media, Marketing, Events and Project Management firms in the region. At Do-WAP Agency, L.L.C., we believe in balance: Work Hard, Play Hard! The reason for our success is simple; we attract staff and clients who share our vision of doing what works, making a difference, ensuring a fair profit and having fun. We are passionate about helping clients assess their brand and outreach initiatives and building action plans that will enable them to achieve success short-term and long-term success. Do-WAP was formed as an entrepreneurial, business-focused communications firm, cofounding and incubating various successful businesses within its offices, and continuing to evolve while remaining true to our core principles. Even more, the firm offers project management & branding, studying problems and designing solutions that help its clients commit to business opportunities. WAP has been responsible for creating OVER 200 Public, Private, and Non-Profit Marketing/Outreach Campaigns since 1999.

Do-WAP is a mission driven company squarely focused on positioning our clients as thought leaders, understanding that an effective, accountable strategy is a product of mutual respect and structured collaboration with our clients. Together with our clients, communications strategies are developed with the clear objective of achieving a market and business opportunity.


The evolution of Do-WAP, LLC has been quite a journey.  Our humble beginnings date back to December of 1999 when our company was originally established as “Enternet2000”, a website used to disseminate information. In 2001, Enternet2000 converted to EBONetworks, a firm providing consumers a cultural, economic, and social information hub at which the creative synergy of a robust and ever evolving community of African-American professionals culminates.  The name EBONetworks (EN) combines the words “ebony” and “networking” into a hybrid term intended to constantly remind all who hear it of the commitment to network, enlighten, and entertain the African-American professional community through a myriad of multi-media marketing mediums. 

In 2008, we expanded our company’s mission and identity, thus creating W. Anthony Patton Agency, known as Do-WAP, LLC. Do-WAP has quickly become a premier full-service firm, providing our clients with multi-media services using our “O.N.E” methodology (Offline ONline Events); our go-to-market strategy and platform for delivering Digital Media, Marketing, and Consulting services to our clients. Today, EBONetworks and Do-WAP co-exist, supporting each other’s mission to remain one of the largest and fastest growing multi-media, marketing, and event firms in the region.


Do-WAP, LLC owns SLEM, a brand responsible for the production of our SLEM Magazine, SLEM TV, & the newly produced, SLEM Festival.



Do-WAP, LLC utilizes the ONE Methodology as its universal approach when assisting clients with their marketing efforts.

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Do-WAP, LLC is nationally known for hosting business and professional networking functions, seminars, receptions, social events and concerts.

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