NOLA BOUND (Case Study)

NOLA BOUND (Case Study)


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W. Anthony Patton


The Louisiana Family Recovery Corps launched NOLA Bound in late 2006 to facilitate informed decision-making for out-of-state displaced Greater New Orleans Area residents in their efforts to return to the region following Hurricane Katrina.

Residents could make personal contact with a NOLA Bound liaison to learn more about the state of neighborhood, job opportunities and social services.

EBONetworks partnered with the Ehrhardt Group to design and implement a media and public outreach campaign to drive displaced residents to call the NOLA Bound assistance line.


  • “Party with a Purpose” events in Houston and Memphis
  • Media interviews in the Top 10 markets with displaced residents
  • Satellite media tours
  • Public Outreach
  • Church visits
  • Public meetings
  •  Direct mail
  • Outward-bound phone calls to displaced residents
  • Internet advertising and communication
  • Website development


  • More than 20,000 calls placed to the NOLA Bound call center during a six-month period.
  • Media coverage reaching more than 10 million people in markets, such as Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Dallas and St. Louis.
  • More than 500 attendees at “Parties with a Purpose” in Houston and Atlanta
  • Coordination of direct mail campaign to 35,000 displaced residents, in conjunction with NOLA Bound staff.

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