ROAD HOME (Case Study)


Written by…

W. Anthony Patton


To help Louisiana residents affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita get back into their homes or apartments as quickly and fairly as possible, the governor, the Louisiana Recovery Authority, and the Office of Community Development hired ICF to develop and implement a campaign to inform homeowners and small rental unit landlords about the eligibility and application process to tap rebuilding funds. WAP was hired to design and carry out comprehensive community and media outreach strategies, developing materials for television, print, radio, and Internet, and coordinating meetings across the state with the governor. The campaign generated a “surround sound” effect that reaches hurricane-affected individuals no matter where they reside. Our approach incorporates support from key decision-makers, stakeholders, and influencers who have a thorough understanding of the program’s goals and parameters to help reach eligible participants. Through the use of these existing networks, more than 120,000 individuals seeking homeowner assistance are expected to be served by The Road Home program.

Strategy & Results.

• 250,000 Road Home newsletters distributed throughout South Louisiana

• 500 print, radio and TV paid advertisements broadcast across the region

• Over 200 Community Engagement Events throughout the Southern United States

• 30 public meetings held with citizens, community leaders & elected officials

• Over 60 national editorial endorsements received from newspapers across the state

• 1 million e-mails distributed by Road Home and supporting businesses, churches, and community organizations through an aggressive “viral marketing” campaign.

Client Contact Information:

Louisiana Road Home Program

Gentry Brann

P.O. Box 4549

Baton Rouge, LA 70821

(225) 242-1126

W. Anthony Patton (WAP) Agency, LLC was responsible for all of the diversity marketing and outreach for the Road Home Program. It was our job to create TV, radio, print, and web ads for targeting the African-American, Hispanic and Asian communities. We also executed an extensive grass roots outreach campaign across the Southeastern US to find displaced citizens of New Orleans and to assist in getting them signed up for the Road Home Program. The results of our efforts resulting in finding more than 80,000 additional displaced residents of New Orleans for the program.


√ Single Largest National Outreach Campaign in U.S. History to Find & Communicate with the Displaced

√ Urban Planning for Revitalization & Redevelopment (post-Katrina)

√ Residential & Commercial Business Outreach Messaging Strategy

√ Human Outreach Focus – Primarily Focused on Diversity Outreach & Under Privileged

√ Major Governance Challenge—Multiple Entities

√ Exceedingly Complex Stakeholder Process

√ Included Outreach Efforts and Trips to Houston, Memphis, Atlanta, and SE United States

√ Plan was to Find and have 80,000 Residents Respond, WAP had 116,000 Residents and Businesses Respond to Messaging via Road Home Applications

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